Protection from fraudulent and abusive debt collectors
is a few clicks away

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Eliminate fraudulent debts

We make sure that all your debts are legitimate. We force collection agencies to verify whether your debts are true or inaccurate.

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Your credit score might go up

We can't promise anything, but our experience shows that 30% of debts will be removed completely.

Ending debt harassment is easy

  1. Connect your Experian credit report
  2. We bring your creditor to Civilize and prevent them from harassing you
  3. Communicate with your creditors and enjoy a more civilized experience
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Stay on top of your debt

We provide a messaging platform to help our clients stay in control of their finances.

Get important information in real time about actions taken by creditors, including settlement offers, interest and fees, change in status, or legal action


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Our customers are protected by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ensuring that every step is protecting your legal rights. Civilize uses state-of-the-art security measures when handling your information. Your sensitive personal information is fully encrypted and securely stored.

We do not release your information to any third parties, with the exception of such creditors or collections agencies which you authorize us to contact on your behalf.

Civilize is being built and developed in Barclays Accelerator Powered by Techstars

Legal Disclaimer

Civilize exists for the purpose of helping our members organize their own information regarding their debts. The Civilize platform helps members take control over their relationships with creditors by organizing debt related data and creditor communications with our members in one simple place. As a member of Civilize, you authorize this service to engage in communications with creditors upon your behalf for the above mentioned reasons as well as for specific purposes of helping you prevent creditor harassment and helping you verify the legitimacy of any listed creditors’ claims. Civilize does not use member data for any purposes other than those listed above.

Civilize does not engage in debt settlement or negotiation of payment plans or debt discounts with any creditors upon behalf of our members Nor does Civilize act or serve as a conduit for funds from members to creditors. Civilize does not provide advice of a legal nature, or otherwise, as to whether or not our users should or must make defer or cancel payments to their creditors. Civilize also does not make any guarantees regarding improvements to our clients' Fico scores or other credit ratings as a result of using our service.

Civilize automates the process of helping our members take direct control over their own credit